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Pali Dictionary for Android

Find definitions for Pali words, study grammar and pick up new vocabulary with Pali Dictionary. Look up a definitions and thesaurus synonyms with a touch!

Pali Dictionary's word search covers 500,000 Pali words, synonyms and antonyms.


1. Find every word: 500,000 of definitions from top Pali dictionaries offline

2. Easy custom dictionary: Create and manage your personal dictionary

3. Learn something new: Word of the day with game and home widgets


1. Text resources:

I have created several Pali-English dictionaries from material found on the internet: All of these electronic dictionaries are offered FOR FREE DISTRIBUTION ONLY by arrangement with their respective publishers.

+ Pali – English Dictionaries:

a. The first dictionary is T. W. Rhys Davids’s classic Pali – English Dictionary (PED) with over 17,000 entries and much additional information for many words. This dictionary has all the diacritical marks.

b. The second dictionary is the Pali-English Dictionary, a large 20,000 word Dictionary from the Vipassana Research Institute.

- Pali – Chinese Dictionaries:

c. A large 20,000 word Dictionary from the web site http://buddhistinformatics.ddbc.edu.tw

+ Pali – Vietnamese Dictionaries:

a. A dictionary form http://www.buddhanet.net/

2. Images and sounds:

a. https://www.iconsdb.com/white-icons/
b. https://freesound.org/help/tos_web/

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